For most of us it is very important to receive a scholarship, while there are more scholarship applicants than the number of scholarships offered worldwide, each of us has an opportunity to win one. Before applying for a scholarship, be sure to find out whether you will receive a full or partial financial coverage and familiarize yourself with conditions. A scholarship usually covers tuition fee and other course related fees; however, in few cases it might also include your accommodation, transportation and food costs during your study. There are also financial aids, fixed amounts awarded per academic year, to help students with their tuition fees.

Tuition fees vary significantly from country to country, for example studying at UK universities might approximately cost $25,000 per academic year, while your tuition fee in Germany might be as low as $1,000. Although some countries set university tuition fees for foreigners much higher than for locals, there are countries like Finland, Norway and most universities of Germany that offer both undergraduate and postgraduate tuition for free.

You can search for information on scholarships by region and country using the world map above.