Academic Updates

Leiden University, located in Leiden, Netherlands, is accepting applications for a master's program or a short course. Candidates from developing countries can apply for a scholarship by February 4, 2014.
Opportunity to obtain your master's degree in Belgium: The University Commission for Development (CUD) of Belgium is calling for application candidates from developing countries to study master's courses on scholarship basis.
University of Wyoming offers scholarships for international students for the first academic year. The scholarship is awarded based on student's academic achievements.
Sheffield Hallam University in Sheffield, UK is offering tuition fee discounts for international students starting their 2014-2015 academic year.
Humboldt University in Berlin is accepting applications for undergraduate, graduate and doctorate courses on ERASMUS MUNDUS grant basis.
List of scholarships available to international students to study in Australia.
List of all masters courses that offer Erasmus Mundus Scholarships is now available.
Norwegian government is awarding scholarships to students from developing countries to study Master's and PhD programs in Norway. Courses are taught in English and applications are accepted by December 1, 2013.
Brandeis International Business School, located in Massachusetts, USA, offeres a range of scholarships to both home and foreign students who wish to complete their postgraduate and doctorial degrees. Application deadline for scholarship applicants is February 15, 2014.
University of Cologne offers two year double masters programmes and the opportunity to study in two different cities.