Analytical Writing Assessment


The highest score you can get for your essay is 6, the grades range from 0 to 6. According to ACT (American College Testing), highest scoring essay must demonstrate these characteristics:

  • Explores ideas and develops a position on the issue with insightful reasons and/or examples.
  • Is clearly well written.
  • Demonstrates superior control of language, including diction and syntactic variety.
  • Demonstrates superior facility with the conventions (grammar, usage, and mechanics) of standard written English but may have minor flaws.

Bear in mind that GMAT sends your AWA scores and the copy of your essay to the university you are applying. 


One of the important points is the organization of your essay. Make sure it is well organized with clear parts:

  • Introduction:
  • Your argument in a thesis statement
  • Reasons why your position is the right one
  • Paragraph 1: Your reason with a supporting evidence
  • Paragraph 2: Your reason with a supporting evidence
  • Paragraph 3: Your reason with a supporting evidence
  • Conclusion