Writing Motivation Letters

A motivation letter (ML), also called a letter of statement, is an important part of your university application. While some universities do not require it, other universities base their selection mainly on what you have written on your letter. ML is especially important when you are applying for a scholarship, since your letter is what introduces you and tells about you to the selection board. Name says for itself, your letter must reflect your motivation by answering why you have chosen this certain university and why you want to study this particular discipline.

Sometimes, you clearly know the answers to these questions in your head but you find it hard to put them into words, and that is alright. Most of us were not born as writers and that is not what universities expect from us unless you are applying to be a journalist or a writer. Hence, all that it takes is to jot down few points that exactly answer above mentioned questions, it does not have to look neat just write down what comes to your head first. Your next step is to actually work around these points and form a short letter, again no need to make your letter to sound professional at this step. Once, you are done, you might want to browse the internet and read sample letters not to copy them but to get the idea of how letters are structured and what formal words are used. My advice is to read as many letters as you find, and while reading them, keep a note of useful phrases and words that you want to use in your letter. Now you have a list of quality terms and phrases, try to see if you can enrich your letter with these newly found words. Now keep working around the structure and content of you letter until it sounds good enough. Writing a good ML should take more than one day unless you feel very inspired and finish it in few hours.

My suggestion is to work a couple of hours every day for a week, and during the day just think what else you can add to your letter and how you can improve it, once you get an idea, quickly write it down before you forget. Another important point is to get as many people as possible to read your letter before you submit it. Sometimes you might miss some grammar errors or you might not notice that your letter is hard to follow and understand. You should realize that what sounds clear and comprehensive to you might not actually be the case for your readers. That is why your friends and family come in handy for proof reading. Take into account what they say and amend where necessary.

It is also a good idea to get somebody with experience in writing MLs (somebody who studies or teaches at a prestigious university) to have a look at your letter and advise. Make sure to read your final work several times before submitting it. Since ML is the key part of your application, you must do all in your power to write the best competitive letter to reserve your place at your dream university.


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